Welcome to Parenting Gen Alphas

Generation Alpha; the children born between 2010 and 2025; the offspring of Gen X, Zenials, Millennials, and Generation Zs. Like no generation before them, Gen Alphas are increasingly expected to be curious, creative, compassionate, collaborative, and committed in a world were adapting is not a choice; it’s a requirement.  

My two Generation Alphas are growing up like most young children today. They are surrounded by real-time visual and audio information. From birth, my Gen Alphas’ lives have been publicly cataloged on social media, and videos of every minor milestone have been uploaded to websites that will forever own those videos. The idea of not having access to almost any desirable movie or television show is beyond their imagination. Children of Gen Alpha are growing up surrounded by constant change, ambiguity, and contradiction that did not exist for the childhoods of us, their parents.  

This website is about being the parents of Gen Alphas. How we can better raise curious, creative, compassionate, collaborative, and committed children. All the research points to foster human connections in ways that no preceding generation of children has been able to connect. How we can provide predictability, structure, and routine by recognizing and talking to children about the constant change and ambiguity, while trying to clarify contradictions. How we can be the parents Gen Alpha needs us to be.

Drawing from my experiences as a father of two young Gen Alphas, twelve years of teaching 3 to 5 year-old Gen Zs, researcher on high-quality inclusion in early childhood, and parent and teacher educator, this website offers insight into my growth and learning while wearing all my hats and the lessons I have learned along the way that can help you work with you Gen Alpha. Welcome and thank you for visiting!