Welcome to Parenting Gen Alphas (Formerly Our Children are Listening)

Generation Alpha; the children born between 2010 and 2025; the offspring of Gen X, Zenials, Millennials, and Generation Zs. Like no generation before them, Gen Alphas are increasingly expected to be curious, creative, compassionate, collaborative, and committed in a world were adapting is not a choice; it’s a requirement.   

The days and months since Memorial Day of 2020, when George Floyd was brutally murdered by police officers my wife and I have had a reckoning with interpersonal and structural racism, how it played out in our past and continues to benefit us in our everyday life and the everyday life of our children. I am taking a break from writing blogs so that I can focus on reading, listening, and watching content directly and indirectly related to racism and acting against racism. The more I review, the more I see that it is the bedrock for most of tough conversation we confront. As a parent of generation alpha I feel it is more important for me to interrogate my own growth in understanding the complexities of racism. I feel that at this time anyone who would read this blog to instead invest their time learning about our history as a society steeped in interpersonal and structural racism so that we can better raise children who can thrive as curious, creative, compassionate, collaborative, and committed adults in a socially just society rather than spend time reading my work.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas on parenting generation alphas in the near future.