Are We There Yet?! Are We There Yet?! Are We There Yet?!

Are we there yet? If you’ve ever been in a car ride that exceeds 1 hour with young children it is highly likely that have considered very dark thoughts that you’re better off sharing only with your closest friends while enjoying a casual meal or adult beverage.

I recently found myself in this type of circumstance and it’s taken a couple weeks to recover and have the courage to sit down and write about the classic car ride question, “Daddy, Are we There Yet?”

Ever since my youngest was a few months old we have been taking car that can last as long as 11 hours. Our most recent trip was two 8 hour drives on back to back days. Prior to two years ago my wife did most of the drives with me and my two daughters, but now it’s just me. We discovered that it’s best if I drive and she flies. It saves us money, her time off from work, and our marriage.

Another reason is that I have a bit more confidence and success with my parenting skills on trips than she has. In this post, I’d like to share some of those tools and tips so that come your next distant car ride, you may be able to endure, tolerate, or even possibly avoid the question, “Are we there yet?”

Let me begin by talking about two things most of us already know are not the best choices, and why we need to consider alternatives because it’s not the best choice. Then I’ll share six alternatives.

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